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Victoria Osmont (Wayward) is a major POV in A Death at Dawn.[1]

Appearance and Personality[]

Victoria Osmont is a beautiful woman with long, dark brown hair and green eyes. She is skinny with high cheekbones and blood-stained lips. Her favorite color is green.

In 495 SM Victoria learns she had gone mad and was on the cusp of death. This madness has caused her personality to change. Before, she was kind, quiet, and diligent. Now, she is manipulative, compulsive, and apathetic.[1]


Victoria Final

Victoria was born in Maryere, the Mountain Realm, on the twenty-second day of the Flower Moon during the four-hundred and seventy-second year after the Secession of Man. Born into House Wayward, Victoria is the second daughter of the once Lord Protector of the Mountain Realm, Robart Wayward and Fallen Gardener. She has four siblings. One sister named Sable; and three brothers, Garth, Rodrick, and Borin.

In 484 SM Peyton and Falk Osmont visited Maryere for negotiations during the Single King's War. Within a few moons, Victoria and Falk fell in love and on her twelvth birthday, Victoria learned she was pregnant. Victoria demanded keeping the child believing that she was truly in love. This forced Lord Robart to enter an alliance with Lord Morvan Osmont. During the Lightning Moon in 484 SM, Falk Osmont and Victoria Wayward were married. Victoria, however, lost her first child in 485, just after arriving to Kingment.

She is the mother of Doran, Rosert, Emeline, and Catrain Osmont.[1]


A Death at Dawn[]

In charge of Kingment while her husband, Falk, is away, Victoria commands the lord knights to murder whores who frequented her husband. Ser Edmund returns after the murders and informs her that Falk has several bastards. Victoria commands to see them, and sells all but three into slavery: Cleric, Ivar, and Raina. She appoints Cleric to be Catrain's handmaiden and sends Ivar and Raina to the White Abyss.

Her madness worsens and she contemplates suicide. Enya, her Savant, begs Victoria to instead drink glasses of blood to stay sane. Victoria does it and becomes addicted. The blood gives her energy and mental clarity, but she also begins to have hallucinations. Falk returns bringing Alice Wayward, and forces Victoria to convict Ser Damien Clay and have him beheaded. Victoria becomes suspicious of Enya and forces herself into the old woman's laboratory. In the laboratory, there are five female virgins locked to the walls. She leaves the laboratory and tells Lady Raya Vale to release the remaining four girls.

Victoria Osmont

After learning about Alice's curse, she finds the head of Ser Edmund Achard at her door, she stomps to her husband. Crazed and covered in blood, she blames her husband for the knight's death. Falk tells the other knights to arrest Victoria for murdering Ser Edmund and to lock her in the Tower. Her new Savant, Selkie, informs Victoria of Falk's plan to have Alice murder her so she decides to use the Arts. When Alice attempts to slit her throat, she switchs her body with Lord Falk's and watched happily as Falk choked on his own blood. She then threatens Alice in arresting her, and Alice jumps from a window. Losing her wits, Victoria attempts to jump through the window after Alice, but Selkie stops her.[1]

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