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Lysane was a member of the Council of the Riverlands. She is a notable character in A Death at Dawn.

Appearance and Personality[]

Lysane is tall, athletic, and muscular. She has long, plush, curly brown hair and sunset-orange colored eyes. She is perceptive and smart, and tries to please those around her.


Lysane Withers was born in Widow's Dale, the Riverlands, on the seventeenth day of the Thunder Moon during the four hundred and eighty-sixth year after the Secession of Man. She is the oldest adopted child of Lady Vera Withers of Widow's Dale. Lysane does not know who her biological mother and father is. A member of House Withers, she has five adopted younger siblings: three sisters, Cornelia, Penelopei, and Nebula; and two brothers, Ossian and Lucius. Her nickname is Sansan.

At nine years old, Lysane ran away from home, unhappy with the highborn life. She wanted to live the life of a commoner, since she believed that was the social class she was born into. She traveled to Waterbrook and became a stable girl. The stable master who employed her was abusive, and Lysane made the decision to go back home. She was welcomed back with open arms, but she felt like Lady Vera resented her for running away. On her eighteenth birthday, she told Lady Vera she would be leaving to never return. Lady Vera agreed to it.


A Death at Dawn[]

Lysane is first introduced in A Death at Dawn when Lord Jarin Ayers wishes to meet her after remember her as a child. When they meet, he makes her a member of the Council of the Riverlands. After becoming a member of the Council, Lysane is more involved in political matters. She learns under Hamlin, an old and strict monk. Lysane grows to love Hamlin and sees him as a grandfather figure. She meets Dain Ayers, Lord Jarin's son and begins to have feelings for him. Lysane and Kaylien Thoren become great friends when Kaylien arrives to Waterbrook. She helped the rest of the council plan to murder Jossa, Lady Dimia's handmaiden. After the murder, Jarin sends Lysane to Griffon's Den in the Grasslands in trade for Mere Watwood of Emberwich.