Hadrian is the oldest child of the Lord Protector of the Southern Kingdom of Valley Pines, Peyton Osmont and his wife Lady Arla Ashe. A member of House Osmont, he has two siblings: a younger brother, Leonidas Osmont and a younger sister, Maerwynn Osmont. He is a major POV in A Death at Dawn and appears in A Skinchanger's Journey.

Appearance and Personality[edit | edit source]

Fifteen years old at the start of the series, Hadrian Osmont looked exactly like a family member of House Osmont. He has red-brown curly hair and hazel colored eyes.

At the beginning of A Death at Dawn, Hadrian learns that he is a bastard and his mother is not Lady Arla. This changes his personality. Before, he was an extremely emotional and timid boy. Now - although he is still emotional - he is mentally and physically tougher.

History[edit | edit source]

Hadrian Osmont was born on the first day of the Harvest Moon during the four hundred and ninetieth year after the Secession of Man. Hadrian was born in Kingment, before the Kingdom of Valley Pines split in two in 496 SM.

On Hadrian's fifteenth birthday, he learns that Lady Arla was not his mother. This devastates Hadrian because he loved Lady Arla more than anyone else in the world. He is then told that he must leave King's Berth immediately because Lady Arla wants Hadrian dead. This information leaves Hadrian in a depressive state as he travels with Ser Colvic Rames through the Great Forest.

Books[edit | edit source]

A Death at Dawn[edit | edit source]

Hadrian's story begins two weeks after learning that Lady Arla was not his mother. Hadrian is depressed and very scared of what could happen to him. His trip paused in Seascape and Hadrian visited a tavern where he met a girl named Raynese. At the tavern, the Warrior Raiders attack, forcing Hadrian, Raynese, and his party, to run away as quickly as possible.

Hadrian Osmont.png

Weeks later, deep in the Great Forest, he stops again to stretch and camp for the night. In the middle of the night, the Warrior Raiders return. This attack separated Hadrian and Raynese from Ser Colvic. For almost two moons, Hadrian and Raynese run through the Great Forest. After jumping into the River Lilia, Raynese breaks her leg and Hadrian has to find help. He walks to an inn and bumps into Colvic. He brings Colvic back to Raynese and Colvic cuts her leg to awake her. When Raynese awakens she uses the Arts to heal her leg and this stuns and angers Hadrian.

The trio traveled to Eldersgate to get new clothes and weapons. While in Eldersgate, the Warrior Raiders attack forcing the trio to run again. While running, Hadrian demands that Ser Colvic and Raynese explains to him about the Arts. Hadrian also learns that he has the Arts and has a companion named Myp. The trio knows that the Warrior Raiders are close, so Hadrian comes up with idea to use the Arts to get rid of the Warrior Raiders. Raynese refuses and leaves Hadrian and Colvic. Less than an hour later, the Warrior Raiders attack, fatally stabbing Hadrian several times.

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